Mr. Steve the Scientist's Pictures

Your child is the Junior Scientist and assists Mr. Steve
My son adored being a Junior Scientist for the day!
My daughter put her “Junior Scientist” button on her backpack!

"Blast Off!" The cork hits the ceiling!
“I thought Justin’s eyes would pop out of his head when the cork exploded off the jar.”


How did that water turn red?
“Orange to red! Presto! Blue to Green! The children loved the rainbow of colors!”


Creating giant bubbles
“My daughter kept saying how cool the giant bubbles are!”


A bubble appears from Mr. Steve's hand
“I never knew so much can be done with bubbles, especially how you made one dance between your hands.”


Will the egg go into the bottle?
“How did you ever get that egg into the jar?”


Mr. Steve the Scientist's hands-on bubble workshop
“I made beautiful bubbles all by myself”


Mr. Steve the Scientist ready to start the show
More pictures and video of Mr. Steve the Scientist

Testimonials to Mr. Steve the Scientist:
“Your humor, easy manner and expertise with the kids had them laughing one moment and spellbound the next.”

“Mr. Steve the Scientist was on hand to demonstrate the chemical principles of water mixed with oil and awed his audience with magnificent fire and science experiments.”

-Barry Fox of Merrick Life

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